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Dengang kørte en kinesisk radiostation Take 10 månedlig rotation på sættene og tilsyneladende er de stadig online . -- 1994 The rhythm touch -- Kelly Polar Quartet -- 2003 -- Environ Clocks (??

Warning: This site contains some obscene material or profanity, so we cannot display its news (despite the fact it is visited around 5.1K times per month).The facts—or, at any rate, fact—of the case is well-known: a niqab-garbed immigrant from Egypt has been twice expelled from her French-language classes at the Saint-Laurent CEGEP and the Centre d’appui aux communautés immigrantes by order of the Quebec government. Thereafter, the English and French press diverge significantly.The ROC reacted reflexively, deploring this assault on Canada’s cherished “values” of “multiculturalism.” In the ” or “land of our forefathers.” Where, fretted the Globe for a couple hundred words, are the foremothers?Quebec also prioritizes group rights, but in this case the group that matters is the majority—.As I said, I rejoice in English law’s ancient disdain for the very concept of group rights.Given that the Quebec government is paying for her francization lessons, it is not unreasonable for them to reach that conclusion. Canada’s state ideology says, if you can get here, you’re as Canadian as Sir John A. In the ROC, even to ask the question is illegitimate, not to say “racist” and “Islamophobic.” Quebec is disinclined to such masochism, regarding itself very much as the S in the Canadian S&M dungeon.

Margaret Wente thinks many English Canadians agree more with the Quebec government’s approach than with the elite opinion expressed by the sneered that the land of the “tongue troopers” didn’t also need a government dress code.

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Ment som dokumentation af musikken, som jeg kunne lide den, samt som inspiration til genopdagelse qua en mængde gamle cder med sættene. -- Chevrolet -- 1968 Long hot sexy night (Live) -- Moodyman -- ?

This is what happens when your claims to be Canada’s national newspaper rest on the translation services of ” of La Presse’s and the other French coverage. I like to be treated as an individual enjoying equality under the law, no more, no less.

Ignored in the rush to raise the rainbow banner of multiculturalism were, for example, the teacher’s insistence that she needed to see the pupil’s mouth move to teach her a new language; Mme Ahmed’s demand that male pupils remove themselves from her line of sight; her refusal to participate in discussions round a table; the school administration’s attempt to accommodate these various difficulties; and, since Mme Ahmed has now gone to the Quebec “Human Rights” Commission, the right of the other students not to have their classes disrupted and their own attempts to learn French set back by one pupil’s intransigence. But these days that’s not on the menu in either English or French Canada.

In the Quebec coverage, you at least get the sense they’re thinking through the questions.