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He transforms a soft cloth monkey into a pretend hammer by swinging the monkey with great force and making a sound effect, “m-m-m-mamps” ().It is interesting that Oliver does not select a rigid object to represent the hammer.

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He understands that the empty notches will be filled when he adds another wooden piece.We also wonder why he did not pause to admire this rather impressive tower that he had made.Does building and un-building come from the same mental place in the young child's mind that drives them to fill a cup with small objects, dump it out, and fill it up again?Oliver notes his progress as he steps back to observe the tower (-), before reaching for another wooden piece.The size and inter-locking design of the wooden frames enable Oliver to build quickly.Oliver minimizes the physical effort required to lift and set the wooden piece in place, thereby assuring his success.

Tommy announces his friend’s accomplishment by saying, “Tower” ().

Each frame would have to be treated as simultaneously the one I don't want and the one I do want.

It is clear that Oliver was treating the frames as parts that he no longer wanted on his tower.

She works to help Tommy (off camera) gain entry into the play by saying, “Do you want to bring that (stool) to Oliver? Oliver says, “I do want this,” and he positions the stool beside the tower ().

Tommy adopts the strategy of helping as a way to participate in Oliver’s play.

Protective of his work, Oliver cautions Tommy by saying, “Don’t knock it, down” (). Oliver continues taking down the tower and piling the wooden frames off to one side.