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The first of which is the "discovery" process." “Discovery” is a legal mechanism designed for gathering information about either party to the divorce.There should be a copy in your case file but court clerks have been known to lose case documents.It’s in your best interest to bring copies of all paperwork filed by you to court with you.The discovery process can be time-consuming, expensive and, at times frustrating. Although states and their laws may vary during the discovery process, the five steps below are common and will probably become a part of your divorce.It may be the only means you have of obtaining information you will need that is admissible in court. Each method will be discussed in detail throughout this article.It is within your legal rights to ask the judge to penalize the opposing party for failing to disclose the documents or evidence.

Be sure to bring a copy of your motion for disclosure the court with you.

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Interrogatories are written questions submitted to the opposing party during the divorce process.

Interrogatories must be answered, truthfully, under penalty of perjury within 30 days.

Interrogatories should be straightforward, asking for information that would be readily available.