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Other islands close to the USA are visited by Americans.The DR for example people are still going to have fun.

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Yet, smartphones are even more popular (especially in SK and Japan) per capita than in the West.Two things that 99% of Americans will not accomplish.There is also a lack of work for foreigners, services, access to housing, access to vehicles / internet which limits the amount of Expats.These women have lived in a system that many cannot this way....I have met and read about many Cubans who have came to Canada. Cuban youth glued to their smartphones in anticipation of the 60-year-old US economic/travel embargo being lifted...

and all the western values/lifestyles being highly sought and fought after.

Then again the more south you go, the darker peoples skin is and I am very white so I did stand out so maybe that's why I got approached half a dozen times in a few minutes.

I really enjoyed Havana and had two excellent possibilities with uni students but logistics with it being my last day in the city got in the way.

Confucian culture has been around centuries and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. Canadians and Europeans have been going there all along.

I think people are forgetting that Cuba hasn't been closed off to the West. I don't know why people are acting like they've never seen a Westerner in their lives.

Cubans were partying on the streets in Cuba..because of the restoration of relations but because of the release of the Cuban Five. Because 25% have access to an email account which only views email. Real internet penetration is probably closer to 1-5% and of those maybe 1 in 1000 uses it for more than 3 hours a week.