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If you’re a cancer patient and you wish to listen to the stories of others, how they coped with the illness and how they got through it, you can do so with just a few mouse clicks.The opportunity to meet a complete stranger that can alter your life for the better within just a few mouse clicks is our pride and joy.

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If you’re an RU student, (1) look over the Summer and Fall 2016 schedules using this coursefinder, (2) check your remaining course requirements, and (3) email or call your assigned academic advisor with your planned schedule and any questions you have about your upcoming classes.Participants of ATOMEXPO 2016 will have a chance for open and in-depth discussions on all the topical issues of the future of development of the nuclear industry.Participation of major companies operating in the nuclear market in these discussions shall make ATOMEXPO 2016 activities targeted and businesslike.Pickren) SUST 330 Biodiversity (Field Museum, Th 9am-1pm, Prof.Kerbis) SUST 330 Biodiversity (8-week online, 10/29-12/17)§ SUST 350 Service & Sustainability (Eden Place Farm, T 12-3pm, Prof.Bryson) SUST 390 Environmental Literature & Rhetoric (TTh, -pm, Prof.

Cryer) * First Year Seminars are open to new full-time undergrads with 12 or fewer hours in transfer credit.

A rule is an action that is performed automatically on incoming or outgoing messages, based on conditions that you specify. For example, you can create rules to automatically file messages into folders or assign messages to categories.

You can create a rule that moves all messages from [name], to a folder called "Mail from [name]." If you are receiving mail from a contact group (also known as a distribution list), you can automatically move it to a specific folder as well.

Bibs will distinguish between 5k racers and duathlon racers.

Run: Racing chairs will start 5 minutes before the rest of the competitors for the duathlon and 5K.

Pickren) SUST 210 Sustainable Future (8-week online, 8/29-10/21)§ SUST 220 Water (T, 2-pm) SUST 230 Food (14-week online, 9/12-12/10) SUST 240 Waste (Th, 2-pm) SUST 310 Energy & Climate Change (W, 2-pm, Prof.