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noen ganger s brukte nesten alle i klassen og spise lunsj i lag og det var s koselig. men s begynte jeg bli mobbet jeg viste ikke hvorfor,og jeg vet ikke hvorfor. og dette gjorde sonn at jeg fikk kjempe drlig selvtillitt. That genius guy, my brother, is taking the week off.So today, I’m visiting your side of the blogosphere to give you the dirt on that not-so-easy to understand subject, women. Han skal begynne p skolen til hsten, og jeg har klump i magen, for skolestart og for de mange rene som kommer. kjempe glad i alle dere som har stttet hele veien, og vert der for meg hele tiden. Jeg er en voksen mamma med en gutt p 6r med vanskelig epilepsi.I welcome controversial topics; I welcome your input.

My hope is that we can help each other by learning from each other’s mistakes and victories.

They see their goals and dreams as passions to pursue so they don’t put all the pressure of happiness on the ones they love. Everything comes back to relationships with people. Because to me, life isn’t about things, goals or accomplishments, it’s about relationships with others. I write for you, my readers, because I think sharing unites us as human beings in the struggle to learn how to be unselfish and loving.

They spend their free time with the ones they love. I write for myself, so I have a place to collect all of the things I’ve learned or come across.

They see work as not the end, but the means to the end. I guess from the general standpoint, my advice is considered “traditional.” Don’t take this on as something negative, considering the effects of “modern” dating have resulted in the highest divorce rate in history, and the weakening of the family unit.

The end is providing for the ones they love, not being a burden on the ones they love. What I mean by traditional: I’m like a sponge when it comes to wanting to learn about relationships and love.

" det var dette jeg hadde p tankene hele tiden dette skrev jeg i dagboken min i 2010 alts nr jeg bare var 12 r. tror de fleste ble litt overasket nr jeg kom p solen den dagen etter jeg hadde kommet hjem i fra SSE.