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NSF - Office of Polar Programs NSF - Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station NSF - South Pole Station Special Report NSF in the Antarctic Significant U. Science Discoveries from Antarctica The Antarctic Sun, Science Section Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, dedicated in January 2008, begins austral summer operations in October of each year.

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You can only get closer to the holiday paradise that is Alta Badia by visiting it in person!The South Pole station is one of three year-around stations operated by the National Science Foundation (NSF).The other two United States Antarctic Program stations are Mc Murdo Station on the Ross Island and Palmer Station on Anvers Island near the Antarctic Peninsula.Antarctic Seasons At the South Pole, the sun rises and sets based on seasons rather than days as it does in mid-latitudes; hence the famous polar six months of daylight and six months of darkness.When available light and ambient temperatures become too low for the cameras to produce usable images on the web page, alternative content is inserted in their place.30dec17-- A Thank You to our hosts, Chicken House Pub with a beautiful view on the Mediterranean sea & Albir – Information for all who holiday in, live in & those who just love Albir, for sponsoring this 'live cam' View over Playa de Raco Beach of Albir - Alicante, marvelous.

We got the number 10 bus from Benidorm to Altea last year, walked along the beach road to Albir stopping for refreshments at a few beautiful beachfront bars, then the bus back to Benidorm, absolutely smashing day. Hi Marjorie, we stayed at the Cap Negret hotel in Altea, far end over the bridge, it was a beautiful hotel. Chrisropher, we did try to get to the waterfalls as had preplanned to go, but not good enough, as bus no.

Communications Availability Live images of the South Pole are carried to the U. The daily satellite communications window occurs approximately four minutes earlier each day.

To view time frames for the daily satellite communications window, see the South Pole Station Satellite Communications page.

A second camera is mounted on the corner of the station showing a view of the radio telescopes in the area known as the Dark Sector, so named for its restrictions on light and radio interference that might affect the sensitive instruments installed there.

The BICEP3 and South Pole Telescope (SPT) installation can be seen on the right and the Martin A.

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