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Dating someone with a baby mama

At one point, I thought things would get better between the three of us (my husband, his baby mama and I).

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So after that phone call my husband decides to give Ms. When she finally answered he confronted her with everything he had just been told.Of course she denied it and refused to tell him where they were staying or what school the child went to.FINALLY, my husband filed a report with the Department of Children Services.Constantly moving and changing her cell phone number.Late last year we found out she was a in and out of jail and just had so many issues going on. Rebound’s cousin called us the other night and filled us in on most of the above.Don’t get me wrong prayer action = results *shrugs* well that’s what I always say.

Last year she was still keeping his son away from him.

(Her and my brother used to go to school together).

The couple of months that she was in love with my brother was the ONLY time my husband didn’t have a problem seeing his son.

She has not been in a stable relationship (I lost count) since the two of them broke up.

She claims to be in love with EVERYONE that she hooks up with and at one point she even dated MY BROTHER!

At this point, I believe in the statement “Things get worse before they get better”. During the time we were apart we both saw other people (The Rebounds).