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Dating someone different from you

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At least, it wasn’t until I eventually met someone different, someone who would stand out of a lineup of my exes like the sorest thumb.For that very reason, when we first met, I wasn’t interested. I was closed and judgmental, sizing him up against my usual suspects. I swiped away his sweet messages and turned up my nose at the lack of boxes he checked off.

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It puts spice into dating someone new, especially if that person speaks another language.Some guys are complete gentlemen who respect and support women in ways that are just incredible. let’s just say respect isn’t really a part of their vocabulary. You’d think people who grew up in entirely different places in the world wouldn’t have much in common, but it’s the complete opposite.We have so much more to talk about BECAUSE of our differences.In my experience, I’ve found that American guys tend to mature a lot later than men from other countries.Maybe it’s just the millennial generation, but I’ve been able to have much deeper and more profound connections with men from other countries.You’d think that eventually, you’ll stop noticing it and that after awhile, they’ll stop sounding so damn charming every time they order their lunch… Long-distance is way harder when they’re in another country.

I’ve done long distance with an American, and I’ve done it with a foreigner, and when you’re in two separate countries it can seem extra daunting.

Sydney Vogl A California native chasing after my great love: travel.

I’m currently living in Sydney, Australia (yes, I see the irony), where I spend my free time writing and searching for Sydney’s best coffee shop.

Throughout my misadventures as a serial dater and love seeker, I’ve developed a taste for a certain type.

And while it might not have been intentional, if I were to put my last four lovers in a police lineup, it’d be hard for strangers to tell them apart.

Sex is way hotter when they can talk dirty in another language.