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Dating sites for herpes uk

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I'm a very clean healthy person and would expect the same of whoever a potential partner may be. I know TWO PEOPLE who got it from oral-genital stimulation (and no, I never gave it to anyone, lol).

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wow that would be a tuff call ......first thing i would do is appreciate and applaud them fer their honesty in telling me.....for what i would do then......well, i havent been in that situation before so i dont really know how i would handle it..........well, my best friend was getting married to her so called man of her dreams...was sleeping around on her from a girl he met at a bar..then caught herpes and passed it on to my friend...situation is a little far from yours...all I can do is be her friend because she was the victim.... Did you know that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 5 men have it?It's time we wake up and stop with the puritan attitudes and discuss these things openly. Instead of getting upset and mad about being asked to share and getting a blood test.....should all make it just one more thing to do when dating and wanting a relationship that involves sex.I know that having oral sex can transmit many things too, both for males and females, yet many do it without thinking at all.I am one of the lucky ones who is STD free and it has been both education and honesty and yes some caring and luck can be done and your partner is just that....yours...treat them with respect and the honesty that you would want and deserve..... There are so many ways of dealing with a pesky STD... They would know their situation best, know their body...why give up the chance of a beautiful relationship over something so small ? ask them questions about it rather than getting all your information from the net, as they tend to pin point the worst of everything lol....even coldsores creep me out I remember seeing the pictures in some of my mom's medical nursing books (I used to try and gross out my friends with the pictures as a kid)and then again when I was in college and was taking some anatomy/physiology and other bio related courses I got to see some more of the outbreaks... i studied up on it and found there are shields available to prevent infection. supposedly they work but i still would be leary of it. Apparently he was doing a little sleeping around and brought home someone else's luggage. don't think the prevalence is as high as 1 in4, although it might be that within a large city..even so, if a person is nice enuff to disclose it then its up to the other partner as to what the next step should having this infection, i would have to decline and probably end the relationship as much as it may hurt!

sure the books I saw pictures of had rather bad cases, not everyone gets it that bad and outbreaks aren't usually all that often but if there is that chance.. ....why, because it is an incurable condition, and eventually it can be passed over!!!

I would be curious as to how they got it, then the situation may be different but still, I have a feeling I couldn't.

Yes they were brave enough to tell me and I would thank them that they did, but I would most likely be honest and say nothing would happen because of it. I know THREE PEOPLE who got genitlal herpes by their selfish prick-of-a-person partner who never gave them the chance to DECIDE how they would safeguard themselves from it.

They are an awesome person right off the bat for being honest with you and telling you up front. statistics show 1 in 5 men and 1 in 4 women have this disease. Every person handles STD's in a different way (affecting their body) just because one person has horrible outbreaks or whatever, doesn't mean the next one will.

It's also a known fact that more men spread this disease than women.

One more thing, up to 40% of those who have gential herpes (either h SV-1 or 2) do not know they even have it.