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Dating sites cambridge ontario

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Try the MFA on a Wednesday from 4-pm or the ICA on a Thursday between 5-9pm.If you’d prefer a more playful experience and a) aren't bothered by parents giving you the evil eye; or b) worried that you might be sending the wrong signal about moving too fast, the Boston Children’s Museum is only $1 on Fridays from 5-9pm.

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The closest thing you can get to one of London’s skyscraper haunts, enjoy switching from gazing into your lover’s eyes to taking in the breath-taking scenery Cambridge and beyond has to offer.Unwind post-excursion at the charmingly quaint on-sight cafè. Indulge your sweet tooth by going on a fudge-making course.A fun, original and hands-on date, they will love it when you cutely get fudge stuck on your nose or drop your i Phone in the mixture.Sticky fingers you may get (oh stop it), but its building up your adorableness will make it all worthwhile. King’s parade looks like the fucking marathon on weekends. Perfect if your date is a foodie/has Instagram, food Park is Cambridge’s first ever collective of street food traders.Here to brighten up your daily dining with their lunchtime street food markets and pop-up events, they pride themselves on serving .Viewing your matches is absolutely free, so why not register and see who you’re matches with?

At e Harmony we believe our success speaks for itself.

Really cheap and not too far away, this hidden gem is one of Cambridge’s lesser known secrets. Yes, it’s in the Grafton Centre, and yes, that is miles away, but what a great way to familiarise your other half with the notion of lying next to each other, while being allowed to eat M&Ms.

If you like dumplings, and kind of want to feel like you live in New York, go here.

Spend hours frolicking in the luscious, flower-laden meadows of the Cambridge University Botanical Gardens. Though not strictly in Cambridge, we feel as if allowances can be made for Grantchester’s finest gastro-pub.

Channel your inner Keats and be at one with nature – who knows, you could even swipe a cheeky daffodil to the delight of your date. What better way to spend a day than taking a long stroll through the Cambridgeshire countryside, building up an appetite which will undoubtedly be filled by the Lion’s delicious pub food.

Ask any student about university life here and the phrase “the Cambridge bubble” will almost certainly pop up (excuse the pun lol); yes it’s pretty, yes it’s quaint, but it does seem as if every half decent place to socialise in is used up by week three.