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If you are recording the interview, remember that some people may not say as much on tape — especially if it’s the first time you’ve sat down together.Also, public officials may ask to be able to speak “on background” (meaning you can use the information, but without specific attribution) or even “off the record” (information that cannot be used).

If you agree that an interview is all on the record, do not let the subject declare afterwards that something is off the record.It can help to start with open-ended questions (“So, tell me about your childhood”) rather than ones to which the subject can give a yes/no answer (“Was your childhood happy? Allowing your subject to talk a length early can help put them at ease and open up mutual communication.As things continue, remember that as a journalist, it’s your job to control the flow of the interview, asking the questions and keeping things on track.If the interviewee seems to become angry or upset, stay calm and ask the question in another way.If responses go off track or go on too long, gently steer the subject back in the right direction. As the interview proceeds, take careful notes, but don’t allow it to become distracting.Err on the side of more questions rather than fewer, and prioritize them as you go.

Ensure that your list also includes the most basic questions: Is the interview on the record?

If the interview is taking place in person and you have business cards, bring some with you.

If you’re having to deal with press officers or public relations people to arrange the interview, they may ask you for a list of topics you want to cover.

Once you’ve got your list of targeted questions ready, turn them into a list of general topics that you will have in front of you for the interview.

Ultimately, it’s better to work with a topics list rather than a series of carefully worded questions.

The first thing to determine is your goals: Do you want to obtain specific information? Even if you’re working on a long-term project and are just interested in “learning more,” do your best to determine what you’d like to learn.