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Today, some Cham people adhere to Islamic faith, a conversion which was started in 15th century; they are called Bani Cham.There are, however, Balamon Cham (from Sanskrit: Brahman) who still retain and preserve their Hindu faith, rituals, and festivals.

Some scholars have taken these shifts in the historical record to reflect the movement of the Cham capital from one location to another.According to such scholars, if the 10th-century record is richest for Indrapura, it is so because at that time Indrapura was the capital of Champa.Other scholars have disputed this contention, holding that Champa was never a united country, and arguing that the presence of a particularly rich historical record for a given region in a given period is no basis for claiming that the region functioned as the capital of a united Champa during that period.Evidence gathered from linguistic studies around Aceh confirms that a very strong Champan cultural influence existed in Indonesia; this is indicated by the use of the Chamic language Acehnese as the main language in the coastal regions of Aceh.Linguist believed the Acehnese language as a descendent of Proto-Chamic language, separated from Chamic tongue sometime in the 1st millennium CE.This Cham head of Shiva was made of electrum around 800.

It decorated a kosa, or metal sleeve fitted to a liṅgam.

An official successfully revolted against Chinese rule in central Vietnam, and Lin Yi was founded in 192.

In the 4th century, wars with the neighbouring Kingdom of Funan in Cambodia and the acquisition of Funanese territory led to the infusion of Indian culture into Cham society.

The two clans differed in their customs and habits and conflicting interests led to many clashes and even war.

But they usually managed to settle disagreements through intermarriage.

One can recognise Shiva by the tall chignon hairstyle and by the third eye in the middle of his forehead.