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Dating site comic

To celebrate her rich life and their geeky love, he built Soul Geek as a bat signal calling together singles who have a weakness for romance and a superhuman sense of fun.

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But as you get older, the dateable age range gets wider. The first chart is labeled Singles, and is a decreasing graph.One day, as Dino and his new wife, Casey, stood hand in hand at a “Battlestar Galactica” event in Los Angeles, he noticed a young girl eyeing them.“I hope we’re not bothering you,” he said good-naturedly. “No, I just hope I can find a geek of my own here,” she said. To him, it was unfathomable that such a cute geeky girl could be single.Mary Kay’s death took an emotional toll on him, and joining general dating websites only made him feel more isolated.A few years later, at a party in his hometown, he found a new hope in an old flame.[[Woman is sitting on the ground with her elbows on her knees and her hands on her chin.

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“She came back into my life and helped put back together my shattered soul,” he said.

“She just put her arms around me and has not let go.” Now married with a 6-year-old son, the family indulges in geeky events like “Planet of the Apes” screenings and at-home “Lord of the Rings (Extended Edition)” movie marathons.

“As heartbroken as I was to be widowed in my late 30s, I’m actually lucky that I had two soul geeks in my lifetime.

I wanted to create a space where that was possible for others like me.” Launched in June 2007, just before the San Diego Comic-Con, Soul Geek has forums, blogs, and search features to help members connect.

| We currently live on Vancouver Island, Canada, where we have a lovely perspective of the silicon valleys to the south.