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Dating site called badoo

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Now, I just paid VIP to be able to send msgs to the (fake? What happened then: I immediately got a message that I´m suspended... This is the web page I was send by this nice man who googled my photos and found out this was a scam. uid=5998998247 I am happily married and never ever had any profiles on dating sites... If you watch porn you will even find some of these women being $#*! They want to milk every little dime out of for all you're worth.

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The men I have met on the site are repulsive, very inappropriate and many are only after hookups.Main thing is they never give you the option if you want to play the game called pets.Soon as you sign up and log in your automatically given like 15 pets and your profile is out in the open for someone to buy.This seems to make them even madder then before, so what a lot will do is if they have enough money they will try and buy all the pictures you own on a daily bases, then they will make fake accounts and attack you with their fake accounts buying as many pictures as they can.That is a form of stalking and harassing, yet they keep doing it because they know nothing will happen to them.Then there are a lot of people who play the pet game 24/7.

They will buy the same pet that is worth nothing 5,000 times or more a day if someone kept buying it back and the other would buy it back.

Soon as you log in you will see so and so bought your pet so and so and you made 12 profit off it.

They have like 8 different levels of money in the game and you have to work your way up the eight different color coded money levels.

Also had to Alert my work I was being stalked by this creep for nearly two months. Filled with lots of men especially black men post weed,guns,men expose private parts tagged does nothing.

They have guys who prey on females begging for sex desperate,men with bad teeth no car,no job,6 kids 6 moms run run...many of them telling you stories of how they have no job,living in a car bs straight up bums even men in 49s,50s just crazy hope it shuts down,who post drugs,guns in the status? tagged men.heard it all..i deleted my page its just nasty.

Who wants to sit and buy pictures for hours on end?