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Dating sider i danmark Samsø

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In June and July 2014, archaeologists from Moesgaard Museum and Aarhus University as well as students from Harvard excavated three separate trenches, totaling an area of 1100 m², and examined four pit houses, one three-aisled long house, and numerous pits and postholes.Several of the postholes suggested the previous presence of a fence and a small structure.

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Recent excavations suggest that Tønnesminde contains settlements dating from the Funnelbeaker culture in the Early Neolithic period, Early Bronze Age, Pre-Roman Iron Age, and Viking Age.1 with lots of restaurants, cafes, the island’s only disco etc.To maintain order applies “Standard regulations for observance of order in Danish ports” with the following addition: At the bridge in the old port’s northern basin is marked places for residents ships.På vil du shopping-gen blive vakt til live på ingen tid!Du finder alverdens mærker som du frit kan vælge ud fra dit specifikke budget samt din egen personlige stil.Archaeologists excavated the remains of a house, four large pits, a fence, a cultural layer, and a few postholes.

Finds included flint flakes, a fishing net anchor ("netsynk"), and ceramics.

Interest in the Tønnesminde area resumed in 2010 with a metal detector survey launched by Moesgaard Museum and Samsø Museum in the hopes of learning more about Viking Age military establishments on Samsø and finding sites for additional excavations.

The survey has increased the number of metal artifacts from the island, changed the conception of Samsø's settlement history, particularly in regards to the Iron Age, and renewed interest in Tønnesminde.

Red plate marks that the place is busy, green plate position is vacant, until the specified date on the plate.

When resident ships is gone for more than three days, green plate must be used.

Uanset om du er typen der shopper hvergang muligheden byder sig eller bare leder efter de rigtige items fra de seneste sæsoner, så har vi helt sikkert noget til dig som har du brug for at forny sin garderobe med de helt moderigtige trends.