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Dating rca victor records

A few lacklustre tunes are thrown in but there's little wonder why this roots-rich trio fared so well in Memphis at last year's international Blues Challenge, plus a 2010 Blues Music Award for best new artist.has a 1950's rock'n'roll feel, which lets some steam out of the running order, redeemed by Diteodoro's own mid-tempo, slide and B3-infected All About You--a highlight of a different colour.

Vocalist Diane Blue throws out excellent phrasing and soul on Heartbreak (Its Killing Me) and just kills on Never Gonna Break My Faith surrounded by supple chops from Dave Limina on Hammond B-3 and Earls guitar solos and fills Personally speaking Sugar Ray Norcias song Long Lost Conversation is total blues bliss with Earl and The Bluetones. That song is followed by the gorgeous and soulful Sweet Miss Vee written by Earl. Although at that time I believe it was a three-piece power trio that had energy out the ass.She has also garnered several nominations at the Blues Music Awards from The Blues Foundation. Joining Breit on this all-instrumental album are Vincent Henry (Amy Winehouse, Tom Waits), Michael Ward Bergeman (Yo Yo Ma), Davide Di Renzo (Cassandra Wilson) and Gary Diggins (R Murray Schaffer).Without doubt, Kevin Breit is one of Canadas most intriguing musicians.Whether working in conjunction with pals including Harry Manx (three albums) and The Sisters Euclid (five albums), on his own (seven and more releases), or as a sideman, Breit always brings something engaging and frankly unique to his recorded appearances.Blues, jazz, roots, and folk, Breit has demonstrated he can turn his hands and ears to every type of music.Since releasing their debut in 2009, this road-seasoned, acutely-talented trio has taken Canada by storm.

Their infectious blues-based gumbo features some of the best harmoica, guitar and big-bottomed rhythm you've ever heard--all without a bass player--but, lest you think this is some artsy acoustic experiment, you'd be wrong.

This was a big hit before I was born unlike Jimmy Mc Cracklin's "It's Alright," that found me at five years old.

My favorite (that I really identify with) is another Sugar Boy Crawford tune, "What's Wrong." Simply put, Duke is a master at every style of guitar and on this one shows his early rough side with youthful abandonment. **** Second album further blurs the lines of pigeonholing their sound.

Sugar Boy Crawford's "Overboard," sung by drummer Mark Teixeira, makes an old chair dancer's foot tired of tappin'.

Next up is Pee Wee Crayton's "Blues After Hours" to help you calm down.

A cover of Reverend Gary Davis Death Dont Have No Mercy goes deeper than deep in true Davis Piedmont tradition. You Should Have Known, a digital-only single from legendary Canadian western singer-songwriter Ian Tyson, unapologetically celebrates the hard living, hard drinking, hard loving cowboy life. Well, this isn't a trio but it has the same ass-kickin' energy, with the addition of long-time band member Bruce Bears on keys and the amazing Sax Gordon on, what else, sax.