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Dating polish priest

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Nor did he expect that he would soon be cast by Catholic hopefuls as David to Archbishop Raymond Burke’s Goliath on a national stage.

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Calling the parish’s decision to hire a suspended priest “an act of schism,” he declared Bozek and six lay members of the St.In an unusual arrangement dating back 200 years, St.Stanislaus Kostka, a large inner-city church near St.It started telling people who to vote for, saying you are not Catholic if you do this or that, and this was extremely badly received.” He entered seminary in 1993, choosing the Pallotine order because, he says, “their founding father was the first to say that the laypeople are the church, and should take responsibility to shape the church.” He discovered the Jesuit Fr.Anthony de Mello’s mixture of Catholicism and Eastern wisdom, and it penetrated his soul. The next day, several other students were dismissed in what Bozek describes as “a witch-hunt,” but he persisted in efforts to preserve his good name.In late 2005, Bozek considered the prospect of defrocking remote. The parish soon grew from 260 member households to 550 -- many coming from miles away, attracted by the welcoming young pastor with a droll sense of humor and a knack for delivering intelligent homilies. No.” What’s hardest is feeling so alone, he says. For God’s sake, how much longer will they compromise themselves?

A parish once regionally noted for little more than polka Masses and Polish dinners was fast becoming for his supporters a national symbol of a progressive vision of church -- one in which, among other things, the laity controls the assets and keeps the books. Fortified with evidence of Bozek’s role, Burke summoned him under a “canonical admonition” to a Feb. Outwardly calm, Bozek admits that his blood pressure has shot through the roof. ” What keeps him going, he adds, is the solid support of his parishioners, who gave him an overwhelming vote of confidence the weekend before the hearing. Louis, from Springfield, from around the United States and from Poland -- support him too, some describing him as a hero.

Two years later, he was appointed associate pastor of St. He became police chaplain in Springfield and started a Hispanic ministry in nearby Branson. It implored him to desist from his disobedience “for the sake of your immortal soul.” To Bozek, this was borderline heresy: a warning that unless he was a priest in good standing his salvation was at stake.

He knows his recent church history: “ The Second Vatican Council teaches that all men of faith can be saved,” he points out firmly.

In the dark of night, he and his friends put up posters, got chased by cops. “ Teenagers love to do things that are forbidden, and fortunately these were good things that were forbidden!

” Solidarity won 99 seats of 100, and he realized, incontrovertibly, “that people make a difference.

On Sundays the family walked five miles each way to worship at a 13th-century stone church, Bozek eagerly inhaling the incense and listening to the music.