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Ryan and to Congress to attend to this important measure and give us the needed relief at once.

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He will do all he can for us and we believe that he will succeed in building us a road within a year. It is the duty of the citizens of such neighborhoods to encourage new settlers coming in to take such claims, and to protect them in so doing. Bedilion has posted large cards in the courtroom notifying witnesses that they must come up to the clerk's desk and claim their fees or they will not be likely to get them. Fred Kropp is building back of our office a machine for sawing stone. S.; Bowman, Henry; Baumgardner, John; Condit, Joseph; Davis, Edward; Graham, Mrs. Wiley, of Cedar Township, were in the city this morning. He is running the surveying business of Sumner County this year. Our readers should be very careful about taking one hundred dollar bills nowadays. But all this is no reason that those who have not entered their lands should be too precipitately hurried into measures that will cripple them in the same way. Blue and son of Indianapolis, Indiana, have been surveying Cowley County, and are so well pleased that they will make a permanent settlement in the same. Persons convicted of violating city ordinances, or failing to pay fines, are hereafter to be put to work upon the streets at 50 cents per day until the debt is liquidated. The bleeding was stopped at the time and it was supposed that the cut had healed.

Those who were able to enter their lands without distressing themselves have been deprived of the use of that money in other ways.

Brooks, of Silver Creek Township, was in town last Tuesday.

He has no bluster; but is always decided, prompt, and efficient.

Many of the claimants are poor but hard working, estimable men. If they are improving their claims in good faith, discourage all interference with them. It is said that an effort will be made next winter to make a new county of portions of Sumner, Cowley, Butler, and Sedgwick. If any man attempts to cut a corner off from Cowley, "shoot him on the spot." Winfield Courier, May 16, 1878. Skipped a long article by editor re the structure of rocks brought about by comments of correspondent, Timothy Sly.

It is only those who are pretending to hold claims for purposes of speculation and without improving them who are not entitled to consideration.

of families residing in township March 1, 1878: 89.