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Dating old photographs 1850

BEATON see BALFOUR BEATTIE see MUTRIE BECKETT 1 AYR. Mc CULLOCH BECKETT -c.1987 T C 7 pages Large family tree detailing the family, many of whom worked in India. BELFORD see Mc ILWRICK BELGIUM see ANHALT BELL of GODSBRIDGE 1694-1970 T Pedigree with notes; photocopies of portraits; Memorials of the clan Bell of Kirkconnel and Blackethouse, chiefs of the name.

dating old photographs 1850-33dating old photographs 1850-57

AYR 1761-1920 T C Many General notes on the family, maps, '200 years of Catrine & Sorn Parish'; information publications by Cumnock & Doon Valley District Council; extracts from OPR and statutory registers; general correspondence in connection with research into the family; extracts from Kilmarnock's midwife register 1777-1829. Other single mentions of: Clark, Cockburn, Cook, Crabbe, Fair, Galt, Rattray, Wallace. LNK 1685-1863 T C Some mention of the LAMMINGTON family. AUBINI see QUINCEY AUCHTERLONE SCOT 1715-1980 T C Containing material on: COCKBURN, DOWIE, GLEN, HOWDEN, STEWART. AUS 1800-1960 T Pedigree Chart mentioning: ASHE, FORSYTH, IRVINE, Mc INNES. ALLAN BAN 1710-1976 T C Five very large family trees with many descendants of this Allan family, including: DUSSEL, GUNN, RENNIE, GUNN-RUSSELL (name change in 1915). Tree of the family descending from Thomas Allan in Edinburgh, circa 1680 ALLAN ABD 1766-1900 T Other families mentioned: LITTLEJOHN, MCBAIN, RUXTON, SHEARER, THOMSON. ALLAN SCOT 1692-1900 T C Mainly material from OPR and census for LKS, MLN, ELN, PER. ALLAN BWK 1813-1950 LT 1 The tree includes photocopies of relevant histories, maps and photographs. SCOT c.1770-1992 4 pages Pedigree chart and family group sheet.

MOIR BELLENVILLE The Armorial of Two page reprint from 'Coat of Arms' vol. BENNET see KILGOUR, KAY, COOK 1, BENNIE see BANNIGAN BENTON USA.

Extract from 'Familia', South African journal, on Andrew Geddes Bain, 1979-2864, and his descendants. Large family tree showing the descent of BAIN/BAYNE of Tulloch, Dingwall. BEARD see NAISMITH BEASLEY MDX 1900-1992 T 1 page BEATH ARL? Letters and research reports from Achievements Ltd. BELL of KIRKCONNEL & BLACKETHOUSE Photocopy of the booklet by Charles Davidson Bell, 1864, on the Chief family of the name.

1627-1991 Wide selection of material relating to the family of Beall contained in photocopies of various parts of 'The Beall News'. MLN 1600-1970 C Extracts from wills, census and OPR. BEDDIE ABD 1749-1911 see COBBAN BEDDINGFILED see Mc CALLUM BEEBE see TROOP/TROUP BEG see KEENS BEGA see WALTER BEGG AYR. 1793-c1970 T Large family tree showing connection with the family of Robert Burns. Notebook of Alexander Bell (1864-1935) with notes dating from 1907; newspaper cuttings; tree of descendants of Benjamin Bell and Grace Hamilton, 1790-1840 also descendants of Anne Bell and George Maxwell of Auchingyle, Dumfriesshire; Notebook with genealogical notes on the Bells 15th to 19th century; miscellaneous correspondence; coat of arms in silk.


1844-c.1900 14 pages OPR extracts and census material.

BAUCHOPE see BUCHANAN 2 BAXTER ABD 1838-1891 Large collection of transcripts from the OPR, and some census material.