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Dating my daughter rule 1

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They bounced as she walked with that slight jiggle that only a youthful body can produce. Cleavage smiled above her neck line, an inviting chasm for my eyes to get lost in. Maturing though she was, this was the most illicit thought I’d ever had about her. I shook my head again, attributing my brief lack of self-control to not having had a woman with me for over two years now. “There’s lots of room for both of us.” “Yeah,” I answered quickly, walking to the closet. “I guess...” I could see her smile, even in the black room. And yet, I wondered if my manly instincts would obey.

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That’s why it’s our room of last resort.” I considered it for a moment, but realized I didn’t have much of a choice. Often, it was for almost the entire weekend as they regularly had sleepovers. I’m so sorry...” I started to pull away, but my daughter wasn’t having it. Her full, C-sized teenage breasts were as good as exposed. It was unmistakably evident that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. Try as I might to spend time with her as her father, over the years, more and more of Sophie’s time was spent with Grace. I realized friends were also important – though, at times, it did seem like my daughter was slipping away. I haven’t been with a woman in over two years, Sophie. “And invited me into bed...” I stuttered, looking desperately for an exit. She grabbed my body and moved right along with me, not letting me escape. It looked like another weekend where I might not see Sophie as much as I was hoping. As long as nothing more happened, I could maintain control. I stopped struggling, trying to figure out why exactly she would persist. I let out a sigh of relief, glad to see the streetlamps, even if still a long ways off. I was about to drive on to the next town when Sophie noticed a motel just up one of the roads. I ran inside, the bells on the door chiming my arrival. “I was going to try and make it, but it’s just not letting up. Carrying Sophie’s luggage inside, my daughter followed me into our small abode for the night just as the ‘no’ light up on the motel sign to indicate all the rooms were booked. It wasn’t a five-star hotel, to be sure, but the room was certainly far from dingy or run-down.

I thought it was a relatively inconvenient spot, or at least not particularly ideal for getting business, but I was just glad she’d seen it. The office was at least well-kept, so that was encouraging. Guess I’m not the only one with the same idea.” “Mm-hm... “Alright,” he said, recording the information on the computer. It had the amenities that were necessary: a TV, the broken heater, a small kitchenette in the back corner beside the bathroom, and there, in the centre of the room, was the queen bed. “Well, let’s make ourselves at home, I guess,” I said, closing the door and taking off my shoes, then turning on the heater for all it was worth. Moments later, she took her toiletries bag and some comfier clothes into the bathroom. Beside me, in my daughter’s purse, her phone chimed again.

She always expected me around the same time, but tonight I warned her I’d probably be a little late. Unfortunately, I do have work responsibilities that I need to fulfill, and couldn’t get away early enough to make a difference.” “I’m here now, though.” I turned to Sophie before her mother could come up with some other smart remark. “It’s just below the freezing point, too, so it melts as soon as it hits the road, then freezes, making it icy and slippery.” “I’m glad you’re the one driving,” Sophie laughed. My ex stood there in the living room window – sure enough, with her arms still folded defensively. In the thirty minutes between arriving on this stretch of road and now travelling on it in the opposite direction, it seemed to have gotten twice as bad. “It just means I’m really good at BSing my way through essays and making it sound coherent.” I laughed. Even I had to admit that my daughter was a beautiful girl. “I’ve got a lot of dancing rehearsals with the show coming up in a couple months.” “Right! That was unusual, since this was a relatively well-travelled highway. We’re only an hour from home.” “Mom’s worried.” With a slight tone of sarcasm, I answered, “That doesn’t surprise me, either.” “Dad,” she chided me gently. But they say it’ll probably be done by morning.” I nodded. My daughter’s face seemed to relax a little and an appreciative smile spread across her lips. Another few miles and a small farming town came into view.

As it was, I only felt comfortable doing 40 or 50mph on the highway. I chuckled in response, and put her bag in the back seat. Snow stuck to every square inch, and I slowed down even more than I had on my initial journey. That pretty much sounded like any English class that I’d ever taken. She was slender, wavy blonde hair, light brown eyes. That makes sense.” We settled into a conversation about her exploits in dance while the snow danced and blew past us outside. Then again, this storm was sure to ground a number of travellers, whatever their business. The thought of stopping for the night when we could conceivably make it wasn’t appealing, but whenever I’d let my pride rule my life before, it didn’t always turn out well. I could tell she was just as uncomfortable being a passenger on these roads as I was being a driver. It was a place I usually just zoomed past without a second thought. The closest places are thirty-five miles east, or twenty-five if you’re going west.” “Yeah, we just came from the west,” I grumbled. We struck a very reasonable price, and I paid and received the key before returning to the car.

I swear, I could have bounced a quarter off her abs if she were lying down.

It was the gripping nature of her white shirt that really got me, though.

But, we still kept up the habit since she was still in high school and living with her mother. Sophie could clearly see that I was trying to be the bigger person – although, I admit, perhaps my motives weren’t entirely admirable. ” Sophie turned and grabbed her coat and put on a pair of boots as I picked up her luggage. Sophie said her goodbyes as well and a moment later we were out at the car. It doesn’t look like this much inside,” she commented. At least that’s what this weather report says,” she relayed, scrolling through her phone again. 6’2”.” I confirmed, taking a breath, readying myself to strike back.