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Dating my daughter contract

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Feisty and forthright in public, she has privately weathered four marriages, struggles with a retarded adopted daughter and, more recently, a mastectomy, stroke and broken hip.

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I’ve met so many people who hear a little about the book and say: ‘That’s my mother! ’ I hope my book will become a loving study of a mother-daughter relationship.” She seems to mean this. D., came after a visit with Bette in September 1983. “After I found the Lord, I realized there was a chance of a miracle in the literal sense with Mother,” says B. “For Mother to change, she has to discover God through facing herself in this book. Last November, eager for a new life, the Hymans sold the farm and moved to the Caribbean.They don’t get inside women’s heads enough,’ says Polly, snatching a few minutes to talk.‘I came across Helga’s book by accident, while browsing in a bookshop.As a four-year-old in wartime Berlin, Helga sobbed by the front door as her mother abandoned the family to join the SS and become a concentration-camp guard.In her 20s, Helga left Germany, moved to Italy, married an Italian and tried to throw off every Germanic element of her identity.Once, at a family dinner, Bette had trouble carving a chicken. I like to feel the goo and blood and think of all the people who’ve done me dirt.” After digesting all this, readers will have good cause to wonder: Is it true? Merrill, who is now 69 and does voice-overs on IBM and Volvo commercials, considers B. I mean, here is a woman who took care of her and gave her money.” As for the accuracy of the book, he says: “There are kernels of truth in it, but multiplied. I wouldn’t start a fight.” He denies certain anecdotes in the book, such as the one in which he slashes wildly at B. “She is a kind of genius—an extraordinary woman,” says her old chum Olivia de Havilland, Davis’ co-star in Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte.

She flung the fork across the table, tore the bird apart with her bare hands and, “frequently licking her fingers,” presented the pieces to the astonished guests. Davis herself could be enlightening on the subject, but so far has remained silent. She’d visit with her for a while, then call over the governess.” Sherry corroborates B. “She could drink a bottle of Scotch a night and not show it at all,” he remembers. “Once a reporter wrote a very nice article about me, and Bette said: ‘How much did you pay him? Bette and I were both big drinkers, and sure I slapped her and B. We had physical fights, but not much more than the average family. “She loved her daughter and was immensely proud of her.” Geraldine Fitzgerald, Davis’ Dark Victory co-star, found Bette to be extremely devoted to her family.

In the restaurant, actress Juliet Stevenson, the film’s star, is having breakfast.

And sitting in the lounge, waiting for a coffee, is the reason Polly and her crew are here: 80-year-old Helga Schneider.

film crew, newly arrived from London, are unloading their equipment.

In the lobby, the film’s director Polly Steele is pacing up and down, her phone clamped to her ear.

He turned out to be a born-again Christian and introduced B. Cryptic about their income, they say it comes from investments and business interests. One incident that stands out in their minds is the mystery of how the epilogue of the book came about.