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Note: Providers should verify that a woman is enrolled in the program before billing.Claims received before enrollment will be denied, but providers can resubmit claims once a woman is enrolled.

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Clients that miss the deadline will need to reapply for coverage.Applicants may provide a letter to confirm income or expenses.For example, a letter from an employer or from someone providing financial support is acceptable for verifying income.If a woman is between the ages of 15-17, inclusive, she must have a parent or legal guardian apply, renew, and report changes on her behalf to receive HTW services.All HTW services must be provided with consent from the minor's parent, managing conservator, or guardian as authorized by Texas Family Code, Chapter 32, or by federal law or regulations.For more information on health and health-related legal issues that apply to minors, please see the DSHS resource - Adolescent Health: A Guide for Providers.

If an applicant has no countable household income, she should write that on the income section of the application. HHSC eligibility staff may contact her for more information.

Letters must indicate the amount and frequency of the payment or expense, as well as the author's phone number and address.

All letters must be signed and dated by the author.

Call 1-866-993-9972 if you have questions about the enrollment effective date, or think there may be an error.

A woman's enrollment in Healthy Texas Women does not make a household ineligible for other program benefits such as Medicaid, TANF, or SNAP food benefits.

Providers may refer pregnant women to HHSC to determine their eligibility for Medicaid for Pregnant Women or CHIP perinatal coverage.