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Dating jerk warning

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You might not even know what their standards ARE, but it feels like whatever you do is wrong.

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Clearly, there are more obvious things jerks do, like lie, cheat and steal, but what about the more subtle signs that you’re dating one? Note: Jerkiness is NOT gender specific, so what follows can be applied to both men and women. How many times have you heard a guy whine about how he’s “so nice,” before he goes off into a long rant about everything that is wrong with the female population these days?It has become so common, that now, whenever I hear a guy stress how “nice” he is, alarms go off in my head. This guy is actually just a self-involved, whiney tool who thinks he deserves sex and love simply because he’s “nice.” In other words, he’s a jerk. C[a]){for(var c=0,h=e(String(B)).split(“.”),d=e(String(a)).split(“.”), L=Math.max(h.length,d.length),k=0;0==c&&k (function(){var h=this,k=function(a,b),aa=function(a,b,c),ca=function(a,b,c), Ha=function(a), Ia=function(a,b,c,d,e), Ka=function(a,b,c,d,e){if(null==a)return””;b=b||”&”;c=c||”,$”;”string”==typeof c&&(c=c.split(“”));if(a instanceof Array);var La=function(a,b,c,d,e)var ab=Xa,bb=, D=function(a){return bb[a]||(bb[a]=0=b))else b=null;if(b&&(c=new M(b[4],b[12]), P&&P.match(c))),pc=function(),qc=function(),rc=function(a){if(l(a)){a=a.split(“&”);for(var b=a.length-1;0if (&& post Message) var ad = build Image Ad(ad Slot, 0);ad Ad(ad);ad Slot.finalize(‘google_image_div’);(function(_){var mm=function();{for(var a=[],b=0;bregister Ad(ad, ‘aw0’); One night they may stand you up completely and text you the next day happily like nothing happened. =Lower Case().index Of(“webkit”)&&-1==m.index Of(“Edge”),w=function(),x;a:var B=x, C=, D=function(a){if(! function(a):function(a),m=function(a,b);var n;a:;var r=-1! =Lower Case().index Of(“webkit”)&&-1==n.index Of(“Edge”))&&!

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Then they complain and wonder why they can’t find a good guy.

Hey girls, maybe if you stop whoring yourselves out, wear less makeup, and wear a little more clothing, you’ll actually meet someone nice.

A little bit of attention from them is enough to make you wonder if you’re going off the deep end.

When the other person goes hot and cold, your emotions cycle from downright bliss to abject depression.

If they’re running hot, you can relax a little, but watch out when they go cold.