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Citations should not be placed within, or on the same line as, section headings.

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For an image or other media file, details of its origin and copyright status should appear on its file page.Note also that no space is added before the citation marker.The citation should be added close to the material it supports, offering text–source integrity.A citation or reference in an article usually has two parts.In the first part, each section of text that is either based on, or quoted from, an outside source is marked as such with an inline citation.The inline citation may be a superscript footnote number, or an abbreviated version of the citation called a short citation.

The second necessary part of the citation or reference is the list of full references, which provides complete, formatted detail about the source, so that anyone reading the article can find it and verify it.

Citations are not used on disambiguation pages (sourcing for the information given there should be done in the target articles).

Citations are often omitted from the lead section of an article, insofar as the lead summarizes information for which sources are given later in the article, although quotations and controversial statements, particularly if about living persons, should be supported by citations even in the lead. Inline citations allow the reader to associate a given bit of material in an article with the specific reliable source(s) that support it.

This page explains how to place and format both parts of the citation.

Each article should use one citation method or style throughout.

(If the general references section is called "References", then the citations section is usually called "Notes".) It will also be necessary to generate the list of footnotes (where the citation text is actually displayed); for this, see the previous section.