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Dating in the dark couple updates living

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The young couple struggled frantically against their bonds. When Dustin tries to escape again he's taped down to the chair so he won't go anywhere as the producer can plot his next scene.[November 6] This scene is also available as a clip download at FM Concepts!

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The sexy couple soon found themselves roped and gagged, stashed on the bed while the intruders went from room to room, robbing them of their valuables!She stuffed a wad of cloth into Nathan's mouth and made sure it would stay put.Having cut off Nathan's pleading, Riley entertained herself by tickling her unhappy captive.RILEY REYES broke into Nathan's place, determined to punish him for having subjected her to several disgusting phone calls in recent weeks.First on Riley's agenda was to shut up that foul mouth of his."Hey Nathan," she purred, "Have you ever been pantsed?

" Once she had her victim pantsed and completely exposed with his drawers on display, Riley picked up Nathan's celphone, took dozens of compromising photos, and posted the pictures to his social media accounts...

[November 13] This scene is also available as a video download in the feature Welcome to Hollywood!

Thugs tied up small-business owners LOLA PEARL and DOGO DA VINCI and demanded the combination to the office safe. [November 8] Welcome to Hollywood, Part 3: The movie producer wants to see DUSTIN DARING play a detective handcuffed and chair bound.

The intruder left happy -- but he left behind two very unhappy captives!

CHRISTIANA CINN and DONNIE ROCK struggled desperately against the ropes, painfully aware that if they didn't free themselves, the night watchman would be discovering them in this humiliating display!

They both figured that if Femme Cat left Dogo bound, it would look to his gang like he'd simply been overpowered.