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Dating ideas htm

Dating your sweetheart on the Valentine's Day is actually the most favorite way to rekindle the passion of your love.

Long Drive to Tour Your City You may go for a long drive to take a tour of your city with your soulmate on the Valentine's Day eve.You may also choose to go for theatre to watch a romantic play or a live concert for a change.Write a romantic poem and read out for your beloved holding your lover's hand.That's how you will wave the thread of beautiful memories which you would never forget.Movie and Candle Light Dinner Going for a romantic movie and having a candle light dinner on Valentine's Day is an ideal and most romantic idea amongst the love birds. - Cristina Go 4 wheeling or have a candlelight dinner in the back tailgate of a truck. (9 holes or a full 18 would be fun too.) Have the losers of the tournament pay for dinner or a movie.

Then take your date to the nearest TV rental place, set out your blanket and food and watch the TV's from the sidewalk :) - DJ Play Disney Scene it in pairs with other couples.

Then decorate a room in your house like it would be in the country you choose to visit, and order or make food from that country.

Then go pick up your dates and pretend to fly to that country.

Rush to the favourite restaurant of your partner and order for favorite exotic cuisine.

You may also order specially to decorate the dining table with rose petals and diyas floating in water pot.

Also, a fun idea is while you are on your date, you can perform a fake proposal in front of everyone... - Taylor Go to the gas station and get 5 cent candies! - Emily Buy TONS of shaving cream (three cans per person), and then go to a park and have a shaving cream fight!! - Laura Go to the airport and watch the airplanes take off.