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The Bible makes special mention of events related to these two critical generations.In the long history of Israel, there are three generations that are singled out as being very important.

Two members of the adult generation, Caleb and Joshua, were counted worthy by the Lord to survive the wilderness wanderings and take possession of the Promised Land seven years after crossing the River Jordan.With the passage of time there are successive generations which follow one another.During the church dispensation, there was a very significant first generation after the establishment of the church, and it is equally logical to assume that there will also be an important last generation leading up to its consummation.In this application of the term there is a chronology of generations as younger ones succeed the older ones.It is in this context that Matthew says: So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations Within the same people, or nation, successive generations come and go during the course of time.16:2-3), particularly those that are related to Israel, Jerusalem and the end-time distress of the nations: When these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near (Luke ).

Biblical prophecies have and will all come true literally!

We should follow the literal method of interpretation which is known as the grammatical-historical method.

The ordinary meaning of a word should be considered within the historical, or cultural, context in which it is used.

In most cases, God addresses the adult generation as they are held accountable for the state of their religious life and morality.

A generation is not a fixed period of time as some generations are shorter or longer than others.

These generations partially overlap since the old and upcoming generations in any society co-exist for a number of years.