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Instance variables set in filters are accessible by routes and templates: After filters are evaluated after each request within the same context as the routes will be and can also modify the request and response.

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The Rack middleware to do that will also need to be added: .In extreme examples, you want to keep sending data until the client closes the connection.You can use the This allows you to implement streaming APIs, Server Sent Events, and can be used as the basis for Web Sockets. Here are some examples of how you might create a 64 byte secret and set it: Session Secret Generation $ gem install sysrandom Building native extensions. Successfully installed sysrandom-1.x 1 gem installed $ ruby -e "require 'sysrandom/securerandom'; puts Secure Random.hex(64)" 99ae8af....ec0f262ac environment variable for Sinatra to the value you generated. You should periodically rotate this session secret to a new value.Useful when sending a static file as an error page.

If supported by the Rack handler, other means than streaming from the Ruby process will be used.

Make this value persistent across reboots of your host.

Since the method for doing this will vary across systems this is for illustrative purposes only: actually stores all data in a cookie.

If logging is disabled, this method will return a dummy object, so you do not have to worry about it in your routes and filters.

Note that logging is only enabled for , depending on whether the resource requested is already in existence.

It is possible and recommended to set the status code and response body with the return value of the route block.