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So yes, this is an "Anna Biller Production" from A to Z.Here Biller uses witchcraft and femininity to bring a visually rich, even at times over-stimulating, story about "women empowerment".

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With the help of a customer service rep and her young son, he starts to rebuild, beginning with the demolition of the life he once knew.She let go of a good man, yet maybe because she needed to. In Ford's stellar and meticulously made film, even side conversations have substance and pictures on walls are connected to the story line. This includes an unorthodox interrogation by actor Michael Shannon. In a separate flashback scene, where all that is heard is a heartbeat, I was spellbound.The unexpected ending, the even more surprising opening, the twists and turns, and depth of the film, thrilled and delighted me.As the movie opens, we see Elaine, in a bright red dress, driving her bright red Mustang convertible, on her way to a friend's apartment (turns out Elaine's luggage is also bright red).It's not long before we realize that after Elaine's husband Jerry left her "I died but then I was reborn as a witch", and now Elaine uses love potions in her quest to attract Mr. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for us the viewers), these love potions are at times too strong. into the movie but to tell you more of the plot would spoil your viewing experience, you'll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.Couple of comments: first and foremost, this movie is nothing short of a labor of love from Anna Biller, who previously brought us "Viva".

Let me count the ways: Biller writes, produces, directs, designs the costumes and set, and composes the original score for this.

A "story inside a story," in which the first part follows a woman named Susan who receives a book manuscript from her ex-husband, a man whom she left 20 years earlier, asking for her opinion.

The second element follows the actual manuscript, called "Nocturnal Animals," which revolves around a man whose family vacation turns violent and deadly.

His theme; do not let go of love if and when you find it.

Elaine, a beautiful young witch, is determined to find a man to love her.

It also continues to follow the story of Susan, who finds herself recalling her first marriage and confronting some dark truths about herself.