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Dating fender champ

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What we believe, by own experience and after talking to and reading several other player’s confessions – man often perform mods to prove to himself he is actually able to perform mods.

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You might get told, by the great and the wise, that by modding you don’t understand nor appreciate the intention behind the original amp design.Our amp section contains information about vintage Fender amps from the blackface and silverface era between 19.We consider these amps the most versatile, robust and best sounding Fender amps.You’ll recognize these trends reading about the amps on the web. A good thing about modding is that you get to learn how amps work and are put together. Maybe more important – you learn what your own preferences are after having checked out a million different kinds of mods and resulting tones.After performing mods and trying them out for a while, you may find yourself reversing some mods, maybe even put the amp together to complete original spec. You also experience that the tone you are seeking is a moving target.You need the knowledge to tweak your favorite amps to better suit your needs. Man will never stop coming up with ideas and rationale for why he constantly needs to aquire more gear. For many players it’s more affordable to mod than to buy something else.

Mod trends It’s a constant in our universe – as long as man possess gear, man will mod gear. Man convinces himself, the wife and all who stands in between the gear and himself – the only responsible thing to do now, is to go get that gear. Your amp may have a sentimental history and and a character that you already like and that you might not get in another amp.

You may get asked – why mod a classical tube amp to be some other wanna-be amp?

Why not just get another original amp with the characteristics you desire?

This means more to man than to get closer to the actual tone he seeks and that has been ringing inside man’s head for some time.

If an amp is low-wattage and breaks up comfortable at low volume, then man will mod to increase headroom. Be sure man will mod to reduce that big headroom and make the amp suitable at lower stage volumes.

Our friend drummer happens to be twice as loud and we couldn’t practically hear anything on stage except mr.