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Dating fable 2

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Earn at least 10,000 gold in addition to how much gold you need to get the new clothes, books, and other items desired. Follow the path out of town that runs under the houses.Because you turned in the warrants to the guard, you will be given a 50% discount from all merchants in Old Town Bowerstone. Follow it past the broken boat on the right side; the Sun Shrine entrance is in front of you.

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You collect the items in the Guild Hall, in the chest by the Cullis gate. Then, do this until you have enough General experience to buy out all skills, strength, and will skills. Go to the Temple of Light, and perform the "Easy gold" trick that requires the system date and time being set ahead. After your character has leveled up a few times, insert a second controller, and begin a Co-op mode game without using a second profile. Remove all of the abilities to return the experience to the pool. The extra experience from the pool will be transferred to your character. Infinite Legendary Rising Sun weapon After you complete the "Donate To The Temple Of Light" quest and get the Legendary Rising Sun cleaver, leave the temple, and go back towards Oakfield.Go to the Bowerstone town square, and make enough gold to buy the cow and Corset Inn (for example, by blacksmithing). Stand in between the cart and the barrels at the far end and look left, very high. They will be more likely to follow you if they are in love with you. When you try to open it without a follower, it will say it is locked.After you buy the inn, go into Fable 2 Pub Games, and merge your Fable 2 character with the character that has the extremely high debt. You should gain all the money you owe in debt as gold because you now own the inn that one of the game masters is in. Go into the tomb with your follower, then dismiss them.Quit the job, and buy only the cheap houses in Bowerstone Market or Bowerstone Slums. Continue to buy and rent out more houses, and set the system time one month ahead until you have about 4 million gold. By doing the Fairfax castle quest after purchasing the castle itself, you will find a bed.You can now buy all properties in Albion and eventually get the "Ruler Of Albion" achievement. Resting in it will make your character healthier and increase his or her attractiveness, ultimately leading to the full restoration of your character's youth and beauty.In Westcliff, when Barnum wants you to invest in his project for 5,000 gold, do so. Quickly exit the tomb, and pull the lever just outside.

In approximately ten years Westcliff will not be poverty stricken or slummy; it will be wealthy, and he will give you 15,000 gold. This will sacrifice the villager, which in turn brings your faithful dog back to life.

Weapons with two augment slots are difficult to find in stores. Note: You must do the "Rescuing Charlie" quest to gain access to caves. Note: This area is blocked off early in the game; try after you have been to Bloodstone. After going through the main cemetery, go up the steps, and bear right to the tomb at the end. Restoring youth and beauty After successfully completing the game, your scars will disappear and your eyes will return.

When playing the game for the first time, you may be prompted to update it with an online download. Stand back to see the Gargoyle, which is up and slightly to the right. Found up the next set of stairs from the Gargoyle mentioned above. You may now donate a large sum of gold to the Temple Of Light to gain youth.

The experience point bonus percentage will also apply to the potion, meaning you could earn 62,500 XP and get up to three times that amount.

You can also buy lots of potions at the Crucible and use them in several of the fights (for example, the first bandit fight). Volume II: At the Ice Shrine, enter the room with the slope and electric fields. Volume III: At the Sun Shrine, go to the room with the circular pool of blood in the center and meat hanging from the ceiling.

Note: This trick requires the full download of Fable 2 Pub Games. On Lion Head’s Isle, by the big waterfall as you come out of the island area (after you dive in). Bringing dead dog back to life Note: This requires the Knothole Island downloadable content.