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» Remarks on the use of Prepositions with two Cases 193 The Stfppe and the Zaporovian Setch (Gogo P 195 12. 1 For the present tlioy may be overlooked, if found too diffi- cult; but the sooner they are studied the better it will be.

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Of the thirty- six letters which compose the Russian alphabet, twelve are vowels; three are semi- vowels; the twenty-one others are consonants. » Irregular Verbs with an irregular infinitive Ter- mination • 130 Alphabetical List of irregular Verbs 135 Promiscuous exercises for Translation and Conversation ... » Irregular Verbs with a regular infinitive Ter- mination 125 30. Great simplification is afforded by a constant application of the law of permutation, and by a rigorous distinction between hard and soft terminations. The study of the first part being finished, it will soon be seen that Russian is a very methodical language, and that it is not by far so difficult as it is generally thought Declension and conjugation obey, Avith few and rare exceptions, more apparent than real, fixed and well ascertained rules. » I'ormation of the Imperative, Gerunds and Parti- ciples 120 29.

» Remarks on the Declension of masculine Nouns 146 The four musicians of Riazan 149 Vin Contents.

It is of the utmost importance, even for beginners, tliat the following Classifications of Russian Letters be committed to memory.^ They greatly facilitate the understanding not only of the rules of the pronunciation, ])ut also many apparent anomalies of declension and conjugation are thus to be explained.

1 The tonic accent is no longer printed in Russian; but to assist beginners all words occurring in this grammar are accentuated, when consisting of more than one sj-llable. The proper sound of this vowel is that of i thick and guttural.

RUSSIAN CONVERSATION -GRAMMAR BY PIETRO MOTTI, PROFESSOR OF MODERN LANGUAGES AT THE ROYAL PIACENZA TECHNICAL INSTITUTION. To write this, and especialy the last portion intended for officers, has certainly been no easy task.

The remaining portion of the book is occupied by a threefold appendix, for travellers, tradesmen and officers, i. for the three classes of students who are most likely to use this book. Classification of Letters 1 Pronunciation of Vowels 5 Pronunciation of Semi-Vowels and Consonants ....

Each lesson treats a group of rules complete in itself and conveniently exem- plified, a reading exercise in which the rules are applied to numerous sentences in fluent and modern conversa- tional language, an exercise for translation into Russian, and a conversation in which the matter introduced in the previous exercises receives a new and more varied application.