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He used to feed it live mice, but as it was not Malaysia but Manchester the lizard was not very active.So he had a pair of long pliers that he used to feed it with, something like a giant thing that you might imagine used in an operation in a hospital, but to get the lizard interested in the mouse he used to bounce the mouse on the lizard’s head.

I saw the New fads about 90 times, Cud and the Family Cat about 40 or 50, the Levellers 20, and I think that influences what you do.And because we knew people and were already in the flow we started playing very quickly, and we were playing real venues like the Boardwalk and that led us just to being in the right place, I don’t know about the right time, but it gave us possibilities.We stayed with the original line up until toward the end of the band, when we tried out a couple of new members in order to add something to the sound, but the nucleus was always the same with some fringe help. We spent some time chosing the name and had various mouse like suggestions. In the original Bounce the Mouse we had a bass player who had a Monitor Lizard in a glass box in his bedroom. Thanks to Ricky from the Madchester Rave On Blog I got in touch with Jonny because 1.I had written about them on the blog and was looking for more information and 2. These were definitely two great reasons to ask Jonny if he was up for answering all my questions and so I could learn the story behind this great Manchester band from the mid and late 80s! Thanks so much for getting in touch and being up for this interview! Was it easy to figure out the logistics for this to happen?I think we were influenced by the bands around at the times a bit too, like the Bodines and Orange Juice , but also Spear of Destiny and some of the noiser stuff that was current.

We never quite fit in with what we used to call jangly music because we were a bit noisier, although that was the circuit we were on.

Myself and Adam wanted to continue our adventure after the first Bounce experience, and we asked around in the local music shops and looked for adverts from other members.

Manchester was buzzing at that time, and that is how we got together.

I notice that there is going to be a Bounce the Mouse reunion gig! Hi, yes there is going to be a reunion on 3rd February, at Gullivers in Manchester.

It is a celebration that 30 years have passed since the recording of Will you Ever Say, and its later release.

We have loosely kept in touch over the years, more sporadic between some members and closer with others, but we have never fully lost touch.