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Detailed information on the use of cookies on this Site, and how you can decline them, is provided in our cookie policy.Tune in to hear some of the things he learned along the way!Trade in the shining armor for a Patagonia half-zip and the horse for an Uber and now we’re talkin’!By using this Site or clicking on "OK", you consent to the use of cookies.We know you like your NYE parties like you like your dating apps– highly curated options that match your selective preferences.He values a partner that will challenge him with different opinions and ideas. It doesn’t take a knight or prince to figure out this whole modern chivalry thing.

When you’re a gentleman it’s not hard to live happily ever after on The League.

A LEAGUE GENTLEMAN IS OPEN-MINDED: He strives to learn and is open to new ideas.

He is open-minded when opening up the app at happy hour every day.

A LEAGUE GENTLEMAN HAS GOOD MANNERS: He engages in conversations with his matches in a courteous, polite and respectful manner.

He is a busy professional but tries to not ghost or flake on matches and if he does tends to apologies for being MIA.

Endorse your single friends by Nov 27th and you’ll be entered to win one of 50 complimentary, one year memberships (including the expedited review)!