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Dating contracts in the work place

In regards to the physical universe, certain purely physical acts can be done with any intent and energy and still give the same so called good results.

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When we do this, the cycle of our prosperity can shut down. This is the cascading affects of karma, and it is quite powerful and dangerous and may last a very long time (lifetimes in fact).In addition, over this same period of time, various tramatic experiences may have occured to cause the soul to fracture and scatter into many many pieces.As a result, our ability to access the full magnitude of our own divine light and power, as well as our ability to know, express or manifest our severely limited or even completely blocked off.The good news is that this can be cleared up and restored through this healing work.The outer words are the same, but the energy and intent behind them are different.

The recipient feels the difference and will react accordingly.

Just like love, good karma is an intangible we allow to flow out and receive back in with open arms. To break bad karma takes a powerful act of spiritual Grace – the healing Grace of love and forgiveness.

We cannot put it on our mantle place as a trophy, we cannot possesses it like a thing. who chews up the newspaper and bites the dad (a classic example of bad karma, esp. Each time you negatively react to the smallest events you are adding a little bit more to the emotional and energetic "spin"... Considered ones "bad karma" are all the disharmonious thoughts, words and deeds you have ever done - contradictory to the universal laws of harmony and love.

And once set into play, even if our human self does not like the current direction or results of such choices, it becomes very hard if not impossible to change course, especially after we have committed outself to such choices with binding energetic contracts that involve other souls... As part of our pre-birth planning for any one or many of our lives to come, we made binding energetic commitments, agreements or contracts that involved not just our self, but many other souls who agreed to co-create their futures with us (parents, partners, children, teachers, etc).

All these beings signed their names upon these etheric documents (held in a special place), and in its time, these contracts are activated.

Many of these tasks are to be of service to the Spiritual Hierarchy, selflessly helping ones fellow humans in whatever way possible (such as becoming a healer, for ex).