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Dating community in guyana

During a conversation they stand close to your face.Eye and hand contact (touching your arm/shoulders with their hands), gestures and facial expressions are very common.

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The visitor should never assume that his/her best interest is the primary concern of his/her host.However, it also applies in Guyana that someone deliberately avoiding eye contact is considered untrustworthy and/or dishonest.Touching each other while talking is more common between women than between men and is rarely seen between the genders.A good example of this is if you drop in on someone unexpectedly, if they cannot visit with you they would tell you so.In personal communication Guyanese believe in "personal space" and would consider it rude or impolite to go "nose to nose" with someone.Guyanese society is small and everyone literally knows each other so one should be careful about using names.

Most people have nicknames and they are usually quite different from their real ones.

Body language is very important in communication in Guyana—to a greater extent than it is here. Extreme anger is demonstrated by gritting one’s teeth while a smile means the same as it does in Canada. The visitor would have to become accustomed to this.

They tell it like it is rather than have the visitor try to figure out what is happening.

Since Guyanese communicate with body language and with their hands, standing too close would deprive you of essential information.

Like most Latin American and Caribbean countries, once you get to know them, Guyanese people are very friendly and possess a great sense of humour.

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