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Many of the women who use the website have a great deal in common.

It’s been a few years since the term “sugar baby” began circulating the internet, but the world has not yet tired of the concept.Perks: Denise, a 30-year-old patient care manager from San Rafael, California, describes sugar daddy dating 'more as going out to dinner and spending time together than just having a sexual relationship''Sure, they want it eventually, but only after you build a relationship and get to know them.I don't see it as being much different than being in a normal relationship with a man of more wealth than you, except you can date more than one at a time!There are stories of women making $9,000 a year going on dates with men or sugar babies falling in love with their sugar daddies — and then there's the complicated question of whether this is sex work or dating with benefits. Long story short, I recently finished law school, and I live outside of Atlanta, and finding a job has been an absolute nightmare. There’s a negative connotation around the term 'sugar baby.' A lot of people turn their heads at the term, and it’s still very taboo.Rarely, however, does one get to ask a sugar baby questions about the financial side of these arrangements. One of my friends has been an SB for some time now, and she told me she had a lot of success on Arrangement, so I was like, 'Why not? So I try to give it a cool little nickname, something that’s not too derogatory.Ahead, we chat with Crystal Milan*, a 32-year-old sugar baby on, about what her job description is, what her relationships are like, and what she expects from her sugar daddies in return. It’s not always just a sexual exchange or a monetary exchange. I don’t like that it references a father figure, to be completely honest.

A lot of the time, people are looking for companionship or mentorship, even. It’s kind of much, even though they do tend to be a lot older.

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Playing hard to get in a pool of 8-10,000 other SB is a great way to nexted.

We SD do not have time for games, married or not, most have a small windows of time for sugaring.

I also imagine Kentucky people dress like drunk college students in everyday life and this isn't just a sporting event thing. Oh, and I really can't wait for more people to start using the forums.