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Dating artillery hat badge

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In that way an observer looking at the pair would know from the right the regiment number and the left the company letter.Disks also exist for the Army Reserve Corps featuring the letter R, either as a series USR in block or script with a larger central letter or as an R superimposed on the US as in the example shown.

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Army Regulations AR 600-35 of October 14, 1921 stated that collar disks might be bronze on service uniforms and gilt on white uniforms.This type was in use from 1910-1924 and was the type used during the First World War.They have a background pattern that was plain or may be dots, cross-hatches, diamonds, etc.The various dates of use I list are my approximations and subject to error. On each side of the collar there was a pair, one bearing the letters U. Older enlisted insignia that were in use were cut out emblems of the service branch similar to officer's collar insignia.Items were often continued in use as long as serviceable even if a newer style had been introduced. The edges of the cut out insignia snagged on brush and the insignia came loose.The 12 disks shown above are but a small sample of the various branches and variations that existed.

In 1917 the problem of supplying certain branches with left-sided disks having both regimental and company designations was solved by placing the regimental number on the right-sided U. disk and having the company letter on the left-sided branch disk.

For those who find that odd, I am only following established terminology that insignia collectors use. Forest Service, the Civilian Conservation Corps and others.

The problem with counting attaching parts is that some are permanently fixed to the back of the insignia. On October 8, 1907 the War Department issued Circular No.

On November 25, 1924 the bronze disks were dropped for peace time use on all uniforms.

Those still in service were to have been polished to a bright finish.

That way the same disk could be issued to all the Company A soldier in each regiment and the same numbered U. might be used by soldiers in different branches whose units had the same number.