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Dating and marriage in sweden

It may sounds weird that we shouldn’t say dating when we are, but once a culture is a culture. Instead of a kiss, an awkward hug is more allowed even if you just stiffly lean in toward each other and wrapped you arms around then separate again.

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This is the first important rule of dating in Sweden. Do if you want to try dating in Sweden, don’t hesitate to make the first move. Gender equality is really strong in Sweden, thus there is no reason for a woman to ask a man out first.Here comes an introduction about dating life in European country.Europe as the main actor of Renaissance was known for their free spirit and progressive mind.So if you are in a date with Swedish, don’t call it a date. After you have a couple times of then you can move to other activities.You can go to a theme park, ice skating, barbecuing, etc.A woman should never expect a man to take the bill. Do not bring an empty wallet when you go on a fika, as you have to prepare to split the bill.

Swedish did not tolerate someone who flirt too much.

Sweden know for it elegant and highly educated people.

They also support the gender equality, which applied on their daily life.

If you really want to date a Swedish, it’s really worth you make the first move.

Saying “HI” and make a casual conversation is the best way to start with dating culture in Sweden, but they won’t know what your truly intention was if you’re not confess to them.

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