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Dating agency for outdoor people

In fact, new research even shows that Millennial daters prefer to meet someone while traveling.A recent study by Topdeck Travel, the number one provider of group travel for 18-30 somethings, discovered that one in eight Millennial men hope to find their significant other while on vacation, while one in 20 women do.

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Topdeck’s study, by the research firm You Gov, showed that 1 in 11 postgraduate Millennials did meet an significant other while traveling abroad.What can I say, I must have high hopes; either that or I enjoy pain. The ladies greet this complaint with skepticism, as do I, I must admit, but since it apparently is a common issue I thought I’d try to address it somehow. When a man says something like that to me I reflexively think, “you need to get out more.” Women in general don’t like getting treated like freaks of nature and that’s how you come across when you say things like that. When you’re on the lift next to a hottie, talk about something other than her skis. You can use the gear as an ice breaker, but change the subject quickly if it’s really a spark you’re after. If you are lucky enough to ride with a woman you find attractive, don’t try to show off. Anyway, I have hereby published that disclaimer so if you really do still want to read what I have to say about relationships and dating, do so at your own peril. It’s for a number of reasons; some women find crowds of guys intimidating, others get understandably tired of tram culture (and tram smell) quickly, still others get turned off by the endless competitive wheel-sucking on trails when around guys, many of us are sick to death of being hit on left and right in strange and off-putting ways by our activity partners – you get the picture. Approach women, say hello, see if you like them and if they like you. Trust me, they are outdoorsy or they wouldn’t be there. Maybe there are even singles meetup groups for outdoors people, I don’t really know. What to do when you finally meet an outdoorsy woman: 1. You put a bunch of dudes together and women drift away. Admittedly, this one can come off as smarmy if you’re not careful. I pretty much know that people congregating in clubs are not the people I want to meet, so I have the same problem as you guys – it’s hard to meet people, ANY people, otherwise (which would be the entire point of being a loner, now, wouldn’t it? Now, I can’t really personally endorse this one because I’ve never been a big group joiner; I’m more the loner type. If you followed my advice in #4 above, you’ll be OK. Give it a try; after all, what you’re doing isn’t working; may as well try something else. You may hear of people traveling far for love, but what about joining a dating app that specializes in travel and activities?

After all, isn’t dating about getting OUT there and doing things with somebody while getting to know them in the process IRL vs. Plus, fun activities and travel destinations make for less pressure on the date — you can concentrate on your mini golf game or trying not to fall off your stand-up paddleboard instead of trying to think of conversation-starters.

Recently, Bustle’s Sex and Relationships Editor, Michelle Toglia, tried out this app and flew to Portland to meet Ray, a guy Miss Travel paired her with after she chose from five potential matches. This fairly new app does exactly what it advertises — it wants you and your date to meet outside.

As I always say, none of us want perpetual pen-pals on dating sites, and Meet Me Outside (MMO) gets you off your phone and out there, doing something you both enjoy.

Even though texting-based dating apps seem to be more popular than ever, Topdeck discovered that Millennials have other priorities, too — like traveling.

And with traveling comes meeting-someone-while-traveling. Yes, you can use Tinder, Ok Cupid, or other apps when you travel, but they’re not travel-specific, per se.

The site is free to everyone, but Keshian says both an app and a “fremium” model are coming.