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For a publisher this model always presents a certain risk of him serving lots of ad impressions for free.

Please be aware that this is an average payment speed based on previous payment performance and therefore payments can take longer than originally estimated.It’s the best business model for publishers, because it allows to make money every time an ad was displayed.If they have a stable predictable traffic, it allows publishers to forecast their revenue.As this is calculated based on transactions which have been previously paid, it does not include recent transactions which have not yet reached payable status.In order to understand the latest payment history for this merchant, please refer to the ‘Payment Performance’ field below.Due to cookie blockers and other influences, some transactions don’t track automatically.

If this happens to you, then you can fill in a form from our enquires section and we will manually try and get this cashback awarded.

Over the years, some of the largest mobile ad networks were acquired by other major players in the field, like, for instance Flurry and Bright Roll by Yahoo, Mo Pub by Twitter, Millennial Media, by AOL and Live Rail by Facebook.

At the same time, certain top mobile ad networks remained independent, like Chartboost, In Mobi, Smaato, Start App and Tap Joy.

The down side is that they may loose some extra revenue, if their app or website audience is really interested in a product or service they advertise.

For that case CPC model would allow them to make more money.

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