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Dating after divorce when you have children

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Do Have a Sense of Humor Getting to know new people isn't always fun. Dating after divorce can be fraught with issues, but only if you let it. A sense of humor will help you get through bad dates--and they will happen--and not make you bitter or cynical.

Apps like Tinder tend to have a repuation as something used for casual sex. We all lead busy lives these days, so people are lot more open to scheduling dates for whenever time permits.Getting together on a weeknight or for a casual coffee shop lunch doesn't make the date any less important.In some ways, these situations are even better because they take some of the pressure of a more "formal" and traditional date. As your divorce may have taught you the hard way, things don't always go as planned.Kids may even want you to quickly marry someone, so they can be part of a “normal” traditional family unit.Be sure to explain to your child the differences between casual dating, long-term relationships and getting married.If you are going to put yourself out there to start a new relationship be fair to yourself and others and make sure that you are dating for the right reasons, or dating will be a disaster.

Do Focus on Character More Than Chemistry We all love when we feel chemistry with someone--the sweaty palms, the butterflies in your stomach--but too many of us rely on chemistry to tell us who to date.

If you're sharing custody with your ex, find a time to go out when the kids can stay with them, or if you're in a pinch, hire a babysitter instead.

Children can easily form attachments to your romantic partners before it is good for them to do so, causing them to worry that the new partner may be replacing their other parent or that you somehow don't love them as much.

Chemistry and attraction change and often disappear completely.

This may be even one of the reasons you are no longer married. Don’t Introduce Every Date to Your Kids Unless you've been together for a long time (at least six months), you shouldn't let your children meet the people that you're dating.

Don’t Date for the Wrong Reasons If you start dating again because you think that you should, or because your friends and family have been bugging you to, don’t.