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Dating addict recovery

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My ex had severely low self esteem, couldn't handle the fact that i had been with other men before him, and was generally an anxious mess.

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he obviously didnt work a program when he quit and was very much in denial that he even had a problem.Taking it real slow and watching for red flags is good advise in any new relationship.That's probably bad communication on my part based on my lack of familiarity with terminology and/or addiction itself. or at least he's told me so and has never given me a reason to believe otherwise.we broke up because of his drinking and drugs, and so he promised to quit, as i was much more important to him that any of that.2 weeks later he went out with one of his mates he likes to party with and drank.Anything you can recommend regarding: sensitivity to his experiences, supporting/not hindering his continued recovery, his risk of relapse, what to do in case of relapse, etc. my last bf was a meth addict and when i met him he hadnt had any in 2 years.

during his 15 years of drug abuse/addiction he graduated from Uni with a Degree in Chemistry where he got a Distinction.

I used "recovering" because recovery seems like a lifelong process. Our mutual friends have confirmed that he doesn't drink, and he broke ties with his old user friends and moved to a new city (where we both currently live).

But maybe the term "recovered" is more appropriate? Enough to know that if he didn't seem so committed to (and established in) his recovery I wouldn't bother taking a risk on him, no matter how awesome he is otherwise.

Assuming the respect and honesty continue, I want to pursue a relationship with him.

I feel a real connection, and I respect that he has dealt (continues to deal) with his addiction constructively. With that in mind, I have never dated anyone in recovery, and I would like some candid advice from people with experience.

All we have is a daily reprive based upon our spiritual condition.