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Dating a recovering cocaine addict

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Actress Chloe Sevigny vowed she would never play a heroin addict because she didn’t want to glamorize hard drugs.Yet she can currently be seen playing Mary Shannon, a mother addicted to heroin, cocaine and alcohol, in “Downtown Race Riot,” a play being produced by the New Group that has just opened at the Pershing Square Signature Center in Manhattan’s Times Square.

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This month alone, actor John Hawkes — who previously played drug addicts in “Winters Bone” and ”Lowdown” — is an alcoholic ex-cop in “Smalltown Crime,” while drugs play a significant role in new movie “The Tribes of Palos Verdes,” starring Jennifer Garner and Alicia Silverstone.After all, the prescription-drugs epidemic is not going away.” When billionaire film producer Peter Guber read Paul Solotaroff’s account of the fentanyl epidemic afflicting the suburban communities of New England in Men’s Journal, he was so moved he bought the rights for his Mandalay Sports Media (MSM) group.MSM is currently developing it as a one-hour drama for cable or streaming platforms entitled “Toes Up.” Dominique Morisseau, a playwright who has written about addiction on Showtime’s long-running dramedy “Shameless” and in plays such as “Skeleton Crew,” says the trend is driven by demographics, not just headlines.“There have always been drug crises,” she said, “but when it’s hit the white, rich communities, there’s a different kind of urgency around it.” The recent high-profile deaths of actors and musicians from substance and alcohol abuse, such as Prince, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Winehouse, are also a factor, Morisseau added.“We’ve seen some of our most beloved artists in theater or music pass away through overdose or drugs. But she noted that addiction will always be catnip for the writer.“Criminal Minds” actor Josh Stewart has just finished filming “Back Fork” in West Virginia, depicting the effects of opioid addiction on a young couple, part of the budget for which he raised on Kickstarter.

“The Bold and Beautiful” actress Heather Tom earlier this year directed a short film, “Serenity,” about addiction.

“Alcohol helps my characters go to situations and other places where they don’t want to be in.

By contrast, people who are sober skirt around issues and are very polite.” Yet Herrin, director of “People, Places and Things,” stressed the power of art pales in comparison to real-life stories of rehabilitation from drugs and alcohol.

and HBO documentaries exploring the prescription-drug epidemic such as “Meth Storm” and “Heroin(e),” plenty of films and shows about drug addiction are in the pipeline.

“Dunkirk” actor Tom Hardy will play heroin-addicted war correspondent Anthony Loyd in the movie version of his memoir “My War Gone By, I Miss It So.” Filming will soon start on Anthony Jerjen’s “Inherit the Viper,” about the opioid epidemic in West Virginia, starring Josh Hartnett.

“Downtown Race Riot,” by Seth Zvi Rosenfeld, is set against the backdrop of a 1976 riot in New York’s Washington Square Park.