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Dating a policeman

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The fact you are writing me alerts me to the fact this might be a careless decision for you personally. You need to consider what kind of cop he is and what kind of civilian you are in order to assess how really unwise of a decision dating this policeman might be. Are you the leader of an organized crime syndicate? If you answer yes or maybe, getting romantic with an officer is definitely not a great idea, probably not even a good one. If so, a police officer is quite likely an unsuitable suitor. In general we can surmise that dating cops is acceptable behavior in western society because lots of people do it.

A law enforcer can be unlawful, but they can also be in the profession for the right reasons.Gilles has filed a 128-page libel lawsuit against Mel - in which she hit back at the 42-year-old pop star's accusations she had an affair with the producer and aborted his baby.She also claims the singer acted as "cameraman" to film alleged threesomes with the star's estranged husband Stephen.Is the lawman a constable, deputy, marshal, trooper, meter maid, sergeant or sheriff? If they are a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent and you do drugs, going home with them is probably not the best decision you could make.Whatever kind of law enforcement agent they are, you need to ask yourself if you are ready for the heat they might bring.Not all cops are created equal, not even the dirty or clean ones.

Rank changes their dynamic with the world a bit, too.

There is a big difference between sleeping with someone, dating them and wading into a full-blown relationship.

I myself tend to have very short relationships that typically end in me crawling out of their bedroom window when they call me babe one too many times.

Not unless you are getting with him for revenge purposes, behind your gang’s back or one of you is married.

Surely law-abiding commoners can date police officers without ending up in jail. Which brings us to ponder what kind of badge you have found yourself attracted to in this scenario.

Mel dated Hollywood actor Eddie very briefly back in 2006 and gave birth to their daughter Angel the following year.