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Dating a man that lives swinging lifestyle

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Along with a sense of heightened trust, partners can experience more pleasure together as they learn new techniques and positions from their partners.Together, this creates a well-rounded relationship that goes beyond what most monogamous couples will ever experience.

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The Ultimate Freedom Many monogamous partners often wonder what sex is like with other people, but they may not wish to jeopardize their relationship to experience it.swing Life There are many people who look swinging in a relationship as a healthy sexual and recreational practice.It is also popularly known as wife swapping or partner swapping. READ MORE Did you know that there are actual benefits from group sex?Jonch - who has a 25- year-old son and a 20-year-old daughter with Angie - explains: 'For the most part, we are your normal average married couple.Two kids, two full time jobs, nice house in the suburbs.However, engaging in such sexual acts does have its advantages.

A husband-and-wife have credited swinging for their 25-year marriage claiming that group sex has bought them closer together.

In this article it is Revealed: 3 Benefits Of Group Sex Introduction Needless to say, group sex is a topic that is under constant dispute.

This is because in many places, having sex with multiple partners in one setting is considered taboo.

Angie, 41, and Jonch Burtrum, 42, from Texas, discovered their unusual hobby after getting drunk with their married friends twenty years ago and started playing strip poker.

The parents-of-two now regularly engage in sex with other people (both men and women), go to swingers events and even do full wife swaps.

Amazing doesn't even begin to describe our experiences we've shared together since we started swinging.'The couple host a podcast called 'The Average Swingers' in which they discussed the struggles they faced whilst opening their marriage and 'coming out' as a couple.