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Date time not updating computer

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Might be skipping the scheduled task because task scheduler thinks the task is still running when it is not... I was pulling my hair out over this, but then found if you disable the Windows Live \ SOXE task everything comes back to life I had similar issue.The task scheduler stopped working due to some reason at remote location.

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Credentials that don't have permissions, or no credentials at all, or no "start in" path, or relative paths being used when they shouldn't, etc.Last Run Result is "The operation completed successfully. It worked when I first created it a few days ago, but today I disabled then re-enabled it and now it just won't start automatically. How can I get this task to automatically run every 10 minutes when enabled no matter what?How do you know that the task has not run at that interval?but when the machine restarted task scheduler did started.I told them to run the task scheduler job and then I hope it would pick up the next run, nut it didnt start.The only last thing is I have to go to the server location, then change the start date from old date to current date and also change the time ahead to current time, after this change only it start working.

However, I thought it should start by itself when the machine restarts.

Location: Server 2012 R2, Task Scheduler, Open task, Triggers Tab, Open Trigger, Update Start Date to current day. Great, imported scripts from another server, because there were many triggers installed. But I had to manually open each trigger and save it again to active it. Probably too late to be any help on this 3-year old topic.

On the General tab make sure you choose the "Run whether user is logged on or not" option.

I just noticed the issue today when I disabled the task then re-enabled it.

Looking at the History tab, it's no longer starting at the time indicated in the Next Run Time.

I could nt found any setting that worked except to manually and change the date time to current and next ticking time.