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Meanwhile after winning the Piston Cup for the fourth time, racecar Lightning Mc Queen returns to Radiator Springs and rejoins his best friend tow truck Mater.

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And Mater flees to protect them, with Mc Queen going after him unaware of the situation.Later, Finn, with help from a boat named Crabby, sneaks onto an oil platform to find that evil scientist Professor Z is in command of suspicious operations.Finn is shortly discovered, and is forced to escape without getting enough info about the Professor's schemes.But once again, he is pursued by the Professor's thugs just to be rescued in time by Mc Missile.Still mistaking him for a secret agent, Mc Missile and Shiftwell ask Mater to help them thwart Zündapp's plans.Now Mater and his new secret agent friends, Finn Mc Missile and Holley Shiftwell, must stop the professor and save the racers.

The film begins with a red British car named Leland Turbo transmitting a warning via video to British spy car Finn Mc Missile.

Mc Queen intervenes and accepts Bernoulli's challenge to race against him in the Grand Prix.

By suggestion of Mc Queen's girlfriend Sally Carrera, Mater travels with him to Tokyo, Japan to the first race of the Grand Prix.

The criminals then decide to have Mc Queen killed in the next race.

Mater reveals himself by accident and rushes to warn his friend, but is captured along Mc Missile and Shiftwell before being able to do so.

The last race begins, and the criminals use the electromagnetic pulse device on Mc Queen. Mater learns that a bomb was put into Lightning's pit crew area, set to explode when Mc Queen stops there. Mc Missile and Shiftwell succeed in freeing themselves as well.