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Das joint drehbuch online dating

, Convertext, Cologne, 2015.“Forensics out of Joint”, in Vermeir & Heiremans and Andrea Phillips (eds.) In Residence artist publication, LTD. Text and artistic contribution to You are here, this is wherever I lay my head artistic publication, Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern, 2014.“Independent Art Spaces as Spaces of Commons in China.”, in Transnational Dialogues Journal, European Alternatives, Rome, 2013.“Speculative Design: reflections on design in crisis”, in EXP No Borders, Experimenta Design e-publication, Lisbon, 2013.“Shenzhen Architekturbiennale: Mehr Mensch bitte!” In Baumeister (website), 2012.“I am Dafen Lisa: Architecture and Narratology” In Abitare China, Vol. 6, 48-53, 2010.“Hans Ulrich Obrist: Interview on Interview” In Abitare China, Vol. 2, 142-147, 2009.“A Fictional Dialogue Between Two Curators.” In Magazine on Urbanism: Border Urbanism, Vol.

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We have added a little chart that we hope clarifies what we can do with which amount of money. By now we are calculating the completion of the script in the end of 2017. We will put all of our energy into making the film worth the wait. The first part reached and touched so many people from so many different countries. We will put all our effort into developing more depth to a darker story, revealing whole new aspects of Marc and Kay and their relationship.Even if you can`t pledge much, please know: We highly appreciate every single contribution! Okay, that sounds kind of selfish and in some way, it is. It´s simple: The more resources we have available the more effort we can put into the film. We want to realize this project as independent as possible, because we are 100% sure: The result will be the better film!Let´s be honest: As you support this project you also support a small and independent film production. And every single one of them needs to have enough for a living. We tried to come up with benefits that are interesting and worthy for you. Please take a look at the perks on the right side of this campaign.Her academic interests are in performance philosophy, science and technology studies, as well as philosophy of immanence in Eastern and Western traditions.She co-initiated (in 2011) and is committee member of EU-funded project “Transnational Dialogues”, an exchange platform between China, Europe and Brazil. You can rent and buy the first part here with subtitles in English, French or Spanish.

Please, add your shipping address and shipping costs, if your perk needs to be shipped. A different approach and a whole new perspective on the characters. We added a link to Free Fall (the first part) via Vimeo-on-demand.

A good chunk of the renting fees will go into funding the sequel!

By watching the film here you are already supporting Free Fall 2!

The special energy we feel, when we see them as Marc and Kay is undoubtedly based on the friendship of Max and Hanno. Dort kannst Du den ersten Teil anschauen, wenn Du magst auch mit Untertiteln in Englisch, Französisch oder Spanisch.

We are absolutely exited, having both of them back for a reunion. We are going to send the Thank you email after the campaign has ended. Das Schöne ist, dass Du den Freier Fall 2 bereits unterstützt, wenn Du den ersten Teil hier anschaust!

Mi You 由宓 is a curator, researcher, and academic staff at Academy of Media Arts Cologne, where she lectures on arts and media theory with a social-political, transhistorical and transcultural perspective.